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November 28, 2016

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The rest of the week

Monday, November 28

Brown bag lunch with the ministerial intern
12 N - 1 PM
in the Olympia Brown room


Crossover band rehearsal

Sanctuary at 6 PM


Thursday, December 1

Justice Action Ministry 4:30 PM in Ministers Hall


Friday, December 2

First Friday Film Festival
Potluck dinner 6 PM in Ministers Hall Film at about 7 PM trading places
Brothers Randolph and Mortimer Duke own a successful commodities brokerage in Philadelphia. They witness an encounter between their managing director—the well-mannered and educated Louis Winthorpe III, engaged to the Dukes' grand-niece Penelope—and street hustler Billy Ray Valentine, who Winthorpe has arrested for suspected robbery. Holding opposing views on the issue of nature versus nurture, the Dukes make a wager of the "usual amount" and agree to conduct an experiment switching the lives of Winthorpe and Valentine and observing the results.


Saturday, December 3

Food Packaging
9:30 AM - 2 PM




Dining With Fellow UU's

There will be two types of dining events occurring at 1stUUPB simultaneously!

There are the community-wide events held in Ministers Hall, and the more intimate Dine Arounds. The latter are held in hosts' homes or in the new dining location recently created on campus.


Dec. 17 OFFICE HOLIDAY PARTY 1959 -- Dine Around hosted by CJ and Richard to be held in Ministers Hall. Reservations are already coming in. See Frank Smith or the Office for reservations and payment of the $25 per person charge.

Jan. 18 MIDWINTER MEDITERRANEAN FEAST -- Dine Around hosted by Lauren Furst and Peter Koons at their home at 6:30. It will start with hummus, stuffed grape leaves and spanakopita, followed by chicken, shrimp and veggie kabobs, with grilled pita, Greek salad and rice pilaf. Finally a fabulous and appropriate dessert. There is room for 6 guests and the charge is $30 per.

Feb. 18 VALENTINE/MARDI GRAS DINNER/PARTY -- This will be the Food Gang's second Congregation-wide dinner for the year. You'll hear more about it after the first of the year.

April 8 APRIL IN PARIS Pat Knight is hosting this Dine Around at her apartment. It will feature escargot, a main meat dish and a very French dessert. There is a charge of $50 per person. You may sign up at any time. Seven guests are welcome, but some slots have already been taken. Pat's done this in the past, to rave reviews. It will sell out quickly. To make a reservation communicate with Frank or the office.

April 22, ITALIAN DINNER/PARTY This was a real hit last year! The Food Gang, sponsor of this community-wide dinner/party, is planning to make it better than ever. More on it in the future.

As you can see, there's plenty of room for YOU to join in and host a Dine Around.

*** If you find the cost of any of the Food Gang events (not the Dine Arounds) prevents you from participating, please contact our minister, the Rev CJ McGregor. There are funds available to 1stUUPB members.

If you have any questions, give Frank Smith a call (561-471-2814) or email (fjsmithgcny@gmail.com)


Poetry Workshop –

In an interview in Psychology Today poet Jane Hirshfield said, “One reason to write a poem is to flush from the deep thickets of the self some thought, feeling, comprehension, question, music, you didn’t know was in you, or in the world.”

I invite you to join me on a trek through the deep thickets, a journey of expression through poetry. We’ll meet the first Wednesday of the month starting November 2nd at 6:30 p.m. in Ministers Hall, for 4 sessions ending in February. On these evenings together we’ll write using in-class writing exercises, working together to produce new work. Each writer need only bring paper and a pen, and a desire to experiment. We’ll make time for those who wish to bring poems that they are working on outside of the group that they would like us to read, and we’ll practice the art of constructive critique. And we’ll share with each other some published poems that we love. No experience necessary! You do not have to have ever written a poem before or you could be a poet with publications. There is no level of expertise needed to gather together and write, share and appreciate the art of poetry. Group size will be limited to 8, making sure there’s time for all to share. Please write me at nical09@gmail.com if you’re interested.

– Nickie Albert


1959 Office Party

1959 Office Party on Dec. 17

Remember 1959? The Old Fashioned? The Impala? Eisenhower and Khrushchev having dinner? Alaska being admitted as the 49th state? How about Lee Petty winning the first Daytona 500 or the "Mercury Seven" being selected by NASA? Surely you remember the premiere of the Twilight Zone on CBS and the Wizard of Oz making it to television for the first time. Whether you were there or not you are invited to celebrate the holiday season like it is 1959. You are encouraged to dress as though it were 1959. Enjoy the music and fare from 1959 and a cocktail bar serving three of the favorite cocktails from that year. Wine and soft drinks will be there too. Remember it's an office party so you might, as Connie Francis would sing, end up with lipstick on your collar!