1st Unitarian Universalist Congregation
of the Palm Beaches
635 Prosperity Farms Rd.   
North Palm Beach, FL   33408
Children's Religious Education

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help children develop a sustaining faith and a total
response to life composed of both spirituality and religious identity as
Unitarian Universalists.
We explore religious, spiritual, ethical, and social issues, encouraging
children to practice kindness, acceptance, and the courage to express their
beliefs through the way they live.

What Parents are Saying
"I bring my children to RE at First UU because I want them to know that
others really believe in the dignity and worth of every person, taking care
of the environment, and furthering social causes in which I believe."

"The RE program at First UU provides many
opportunities for the children to become
aware and participate in Social Action
Issues, preparing them to be compassionate,
informed adults who make a positive

"When I brought my son to the Religious
Education program in 2003 he was aged 8.
He has built relationships with adults and
children in the program. He likes attending. He gets lots of opportunities to contribute in many ways. He knows that he is an important member of our community. It's been an enriching experience."

"We bring our daughter to Religious Education because we feel the
teachings guide her in the direction we want her to go. It also provides our
daughter with a safe and happy place where she can learn, play, grow!"

"The biggest factor is my daughter's enjoyment of RE. She loves to come to
'church' so she can join the other kids and do the interesting activities."
We Teach Our Children
To Respect Themselves and Others
To Love in Their Ever Growing Circles
of the Human Community
To Search for Their Truth in the
Presence of Other Seekers
To Seek Liberty, Peace and Justice in
Our World
To Engage Their Mind and Body, Heart
and Soul - in Creating a Meaningful
Life Journey
To Understand and Appreciate What it
Means to be a Unitarian Universalist
To Love and Respect the Earth and All the Plants and Animals
To Reflect on Questions of Creation, God, Birth and Death, Holy Days, Bible Stories and Stories from Other Sacred Texts
To Converse about the Wisdom of Other World Religions
To Celebrate and Enjoy Life